Abstracts 2024

ID Categorie Type Titel Eerste auteur
1_2024 Dry eye Paper Dry eye management with scleral lenses in non-lens wearers Stephanie Wong
2_2024 Dry eye Paper Investigation of the optimal method and viewing time for assessing conjunctival Lissamine Green staining Neema Ghorbani-Mojarrad
3_2024 Presbyopia Paper A survey on the use of fitting guides for soft multifocal contact lenses Katharina Manz
4_2024 Presbyopia Paper Influence of Multifocal Contact Lens Design on Patient Acceptance Michel Guilon
5_2024 Presbyopia Paper Clinical Performance and Fit Success of Lehfilcon A and Lotrafilcon B Daily Wear Monthly Replacement Multifocal Soft Contact Lenses Vidhya Subramanian
6_2024 Presbyopia Paper Evaluating the Success of Habitual Multifocal Soft Lens Wearers when Refit with a Progressive Multifocal Lens System Jill Woods
7_2024 Presbyopia Paper Crossover trial of a new one-day disposable multifocal contact lens: preliminary report Fabrizio Zeri
8_2024 General Paper Understanding the initial patient contact lens journey and consequences of a protracted experience. Samantha Watson
9_2024 General Paper The influence of lens type and power on contact lens handling characteristics Michael Read
10_2024 Compliance Paper NCC Doing Research: The frequency of protocol and informed consent use for contact lens instructions in the Netherlands and Belgium. Maurice Heunen
11_2024 Compliance Paper NCC Doing Research: Contradictions in no-water exposure during contact lens instructions Christian Mertz
12_2024 Scleral Paper Prospective assessment of corneal biomechanical properties and intraocular pressure during scleral lens wear Rute J. Macedo-de-Araújo
13_2024 Scleral Paper Impact of scleral lens wear on IOP in a population of irregular cornea patients Langis Michaud
14_2024 Myopia Paper Six year cumulative treatment effect of MiSight® 1 day: a dual focus myopia control contact lens Elizabeth Lumb
15_2024 Myopia Paper Children adapt well to Diffusion Optics Technology™ (DOT) spectacle lenses Marcella McParland
16_2024 Myopia Paper Three-year myopia management efficacy of extended depth of focus soft contact lenses (MYLO) in Caucasian children Segio Díaz-Gómez
17_2024 Myopia Paper Can optical modelling predict clinical vision outcomes of myopia control contact lenses? Jill Woods
18_2024 Myopia Paper Short-term optical and visual performance of soft contact lenses for myopia management Giancarlo Montani
19_2024 Myopia Paper Comparison of near visual performance in myopia control spectacle lenses Debbie Laughton
20_2024 Myopia Paper The discrepancy between the prevalence of paediatric myopia and prescribing of a dual-focus myopia-control contact lens Anna Sulley
21_2024 Myopia Paper Consideration of factors for parents in the Netherlands in deciding to proceed to myopia management for their child Henri Eek
22_2024 Ortho-k Paper A new look at the myopia control efficacy of orthokeratology Jacinto Santodomingo-Rubido
23_2024 Ortho-k Paper The safety of orthokeratology contact lens wear in slowing the axial elongation of the eye in children Jacinto Santodomingo-Rubido
24_2024 Ortho-k Paper Subjective Feedback among Long-Term Orthokeratology lens (Ortho-K) Wearers and Parents in China: A Multicentre Assessment Jiwen Yang
25_2024 Ortho-k Paper Orthokeratology with the trial lens fitting and software fitting Liuyun Chong
26_2024 Ortho-k Paper The influence of Back Optic Zone Diameter on Relative Corneal Refractive Power Changes following Orthokeratology fitting Jessica Gruhl
1_2024 Dry eye Poster Safety and Effectiveness of Hydroxypropyl Guar-Hyaluronic Acid Dual Polymer Lubricating Eye Drops in Indian Subjects with Dry Eye: A Phase IV Study Deborah Awisi-Gyau
2_2024 Dry eye Poster Effect of TearRestore Thermal Mask for the treatment of Meibomian Gland Blockage: A Pilot Study Fakhruddin Barodawala
3_2024 Dry eye Poster Characterization of tear film and wettability dynamics over two daily disposable soft contact lenses Mihaela Bacheva
4_2024 Solution Poster Improvement of RGPCL Surface Properties by MPDS Containing a Novel Hyaluronic Acid Derivative Cristina Schnider
5_2024 Solution Poster Impact of lysozyme uptake and denaturation of comfilcon A with MPDS Containing a Novel Hyaluronic Acid Derivative Joan Ploem Miller
6_2024 Soft lenses Poster Clinical Performance of Verofilcon A Versus Nesofilcon A Daily Disposable Soft Contact Lenses Lakshman Subbaraman
7_2024 Soft lenses Poster Clinical Performance Comparison of Commercially Available Verofilcon A and Somofilcon A Daily Disposable Soft Contact Lenses Lakshman Subbaraman
8_2024 General Poster Study of diurnal vaiation of corneal biomechanics in a group of young adults Langis Michaud
9_2024 General Poster Effects of hyaluronic acid eye drops on the repeatibility of corneal topographies in irregular corneas Giancarlo Montani
10_2024 Toric Poster Clinical Performance Evaluation of Two Daily Disposable Toric Soft Contact Lenses - Verofilcon A versus Etafilcon A Lakshman Subbaraman
11_2024 Toric Poster Clinical Performance of Verofilcon A and Stenfilcon A Daily Disposable Toric Soft Contact Lenses Lakshman Subbaraman
13_2024 Toric Poster Comparing reading performance in toric vs. spherical contact lens correction of patients with astigmatism: preliminary results Sotiris Plainis
14_2024 General Poster IACLE: Engaging Educators Worldwide Philip Morgan
15_2024 Myopia Poster Initial market experiences´ analysis of a novel myopia management toric soft contact lens Mercedes Burgos-Martínez
16_2024 Myopia Poster Foveal and parafoveal visual acuities and refractions with distance single-vision spectacles and extended depth of focus contact lenses in a non-presb Jesús Carballo-Alvarez
17_2024 Myopia Poster Myopia Control Public Awareness in Greece Dimitra Makrynioti
18_2024 Ortho-k Poster Overall performance of an Orthokeratology Lenses with 5mm Optical Zone Diameter Juan Gonzalo Carracedo Rodriguez
19_2024 Ortho-k Poster 12-months + 1: Adverse events and ocular surface evaluation with invasive and non-invasive method in orthokeratology (OK) wearers. Laura Batres
20_2024 General Poster Attitudes and behaviours of UK eyecare practitioners towards fitting contact lenses for children and young people. Sophie Coverdale
21_2024 Scleral Poster Scleral lens fitting in a patient with irregular cornea and DFNA9 Merel Oerlemans
22_2024 Scleral Poster Impact of scleral lens anterior and posterior asphericity on high order aberrations Langis Michaud
23_2024 Scleral Poster Evaluation of a new corneal scleral contact lens design in keratoconus Anastasia Rotondi
24_2024 Scleral Poster Algorithm-assisted subjective refraction in irregular corneas without and with scleral lenses Rute J. Macedo-de-Aráujo
25_2024 Scleral Poster Scleral lenses for visual rehabilitation and improvement of subjective symptoms in Salzmann Nodular Degeneration. Michaëlla Sas - Meertens
26_2024 General Poster Is it possible to calculate the sagittal height for soft contact lens fitting? Validation of a theoretical calculator: Sagitador Vicente Berbegal García
27_2024 General Poster Delivering an online global multilingual student contact lens examination Byki Huntjens
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