20 oktober 2023

Behind the scenes

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In the "Behind the Scenes" section, we would like to introduce to you the various volunteers who are in the organisation of the NCC. After Sander Uittenbogaard, we continue with Greg Dingeldein.

Hi Greg. Who are you?
I'm Greg Dingeldein and I work as Sales Manager Benelux for Johnson & Johnson Vision Benelux. I just started in this role a few months ago, but have been working within this company in another role for some time.

What comes to your mind first when you think of the NCC?          
The NCC always gives me a boost for the contact lens profession. New information, new stimuli, new stories, new people.

What is your most fun/special memory of the NCC?    
My first discussion session on stage about "charging money for your services". I found it exciting, but it was well-received and was a trigger for me to become more involved in the organisation of the NCC.

Greg NCC

Do you wear contact lenses yourself?  
Yes, I am really a full-time contact lens wearer. My day starts at 6 am and ends around 11 pm or so and I never actually have any problems with my daily disposables. Catch me wearing glasses and I'll come up with a very good excuse.

What role do you play in the organisation of the NCC?
Together with Pier Bosscher, Marketing Manager at Johnson & Johnson Vision, I am responsible for the NCC's Marketing & Communications. So the spam in the newsletters ;), on the social media channels and creative expressions at the event are coming from us.

How many editions have you been in the organisation of the NCC? 
This is the second time. Together with Pier, we joined just before the last edition. That was quite special because the NCC had already been postponed a couple of times due to COVID, so we still had to achieve a lot at the last minute with minimal resources. We ended up running a great NCC so am immensely proud of the team.

The theme of the NCC 2024 is "Future Generation". What do you think of when you think of this theme?
I find differences between generations fascinating. Because each generation is characterised by unique features and perceptions. In the world of fitting contact lenses, you can see this too, with the corresponding discussions, what experiences do we take with us from the past, and how can the new generation still take a fresh look at how we should fit contact lenses today. Mccrindle has developed a nice infographic that I like to use. Perhaps you could print it out and keep it next to your colleagues.

Infographic NCC

Finally, what are you looking forward to at the NCC 2024?
I'm especially looking forward to being really immersed in the wonderful world of contact lens again. How nice that you can share knowledge about what you do on a daily basis! This time we are really going even further in the expressions that fit the theme, but there are also really big changes in the programming and choice of speakers.

Replenish. You should go to the 2024 NCC because....
we are pulling out even more this edition to make it an unforgettable experience for everyone working with contact lenses.

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