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Zondag 15 Maart 15:00 - 16:00

Sponsorlezing Cooper Vision
Titel: Considerations for fitting silicone hydrogel daily disposable contact lenses
Contact lenses must meet a variety of patient needs. Not only should they deliver comfort, vision and health, they also need to provide a convenient solution that can meet the demands of patients’ modern lifestyles.

The need for convenience is often met with the use of daily disposable lenses. Beyond ease of use however, this modality delivers a number of additional advantages for patients in terms of safe and comfortable wear. The evidence for the performance of daily disposable contact lenses will be shared in this presentation, before moving onto the other main consideration eye care professionals face: which material they should use.

The fundamental difference between hydrogel and silicone hydrogel (SiHy) materials is oxygen transmissibility. Whilst SiHy materials are predominantly prescribed in soft reusable contact lenses, for daily disposables, the ratio of hydrogel to SiHy materials is closer. Although this is trending over time towards SiHys, variation in fitting practice is evident around the world. To help address these fitting practices the oxygen requirements of the eye in daily wear will be reviewed, along with consideration of specific situations where maximising oxygen delivery through the contact lens is beneficial.

Sponsorlezing Ercon Contactlenzen
Titel: Laser Induced Refractive Index Correction (LIRIC)
Clerio Vision was founded by leading scientists and experienced medical entrepreneurs based on groundbreaking research from the University of Rochester. The research used femtosecond lasers for noninvasive vision correction in contact lenses, the human cornea and intraocular lenses (IOLs).

Today, Clerio Vision is working on its Laser Induced Refractive Index Correction (LIRIC) technology to overcome the safety and performance issues with existing refractive surgery, contacts lenses and IOL options. The company has teams in Rochester, NY, Florida and California working in research, manufacturing and sales. Trevor McCaw, President and Chief Operating Officer of Clerio gives an overview of this new technique of vision correction.

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Titel: Low Friction and Low Modulus Contact Lens Surfaces Improve Lubricity and Reduce Cell Damage in Corneal Epithelial Cell Models.
Ocular epithelial cell monolayers are found to be sensitive to direct contact shear stress. Lenses with soft aqueous gel layers had lower friction coefficient, and lower average contact pressure due to a reduced surface modulus. The resulting lower average shear stresses of these lenses were more gentle to the ocular epithelial cells and generated less cell damage over the duration of the experiments.

W. Gregory Sawyer is the N. C. Ebaugh Chair and Professor in the Departments of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, Materials Science and Engineering, and Biomedical Engineering. He is also a Distinguished Teaching Scholar at the University of Florida. Greg has published over 200 journal papers, has over 10,000 citations, and is most proud of his numerous PhD students that are now faculty members and scientists across the globe. He was a speaker at TED 8, a member of the original Mars Rover Program, and is currently leading efforts in Cancer Engineering. Greg’s research interests have led to many adventures, from operating experiments (remotely) in space on the International Space Station to conducting experiments in vivo on a cornea.