Under pressure

Monday 16 March 11:15 - 12:15

GP lenses are a unique modality that have a countless possibilities in our lens practices. Although we are used to fitting corneal GP’s in the Netherlands, in other countries ‘oversized Gp’s’ as minisclerals and sclerals have become increasingly popular. In this session we like to inform you about the similarities but also differences of both modalities. As we know a lot about corneal GP’s in the Netherlands, sclerals are still a relatively new modality for us.

Lynnette will explore the conflicting studies about IOP changes under scleral lenses. Also, we will review how we balance the fit and lens material to enhance oxygenation of the cornea.

Sander will discuss with you how a corneal and scleral lens will interact with the underlying tissue. In other words, what kind of pressure are we exposing to the surface and what choices do we have to make to control this.

Ron will talk about about the impact of Ortho-k on corneal tissue and what we learned from it. How can we benefit from this in clinical practice?
Al together an interesting overview of different topics regarding GP’s lenses.