The Future Is In Your Hands

Monday 12 March 15:00 - 16:00

Brian Tompkins (Past President of the BCLA, practice owner and contact lens expert) present a vision of the future in the world of optometry and contact lenses.

Successful contact lens practice encompasses many facets, which is why those developing and maintaining their expertise in this field enjoy professional satisfaction.  The future is dependent on gaining, retaining and maintaining current wearers, and to enable that, there must be great in-practice procedures, good communication between wearers and practice staff in addition to keeping patients informed about new alternatives to their current vision correction arsenal.

Eye care professionals not only have to keep abreast of current practice, but must also look ahead to what might be demanded of them in the near future.  For example, myopia control is no longer only in the scientific literature.  For practices to be able to offer treatments for myopia control, not only does the practitioner need to be up-to-date with the latest research outcomes, but they must also be ready to answer the challenging questions from both interested parents and their children.  Confidence with fitting younger patients with contact lenses as part of this service is essential.

Practice systems help to ensure open communication between staff, as well as giving patients their voice.  Brian Tompkins shares his experiences utilising the latest technology in monitoring patient satisfaction, and how this continues to positively impact his staff and service provided to patients.

Learning objectives:
1. To appreciate the vigilance required when caring for contact lens wearers with regard to their ongoing success
2. To have an awareness of future technologies in contact lens practice
3. To consider how we empathise with those requiring vision correction
4. To understand the significant benefits of effective communication with both patients and practice staff