Retention is the King of 2020

Monday 16 March 09:30 - 10:45

This interactive session will review the journey of new contact lens wearers (CLs) and how Eye Care Professionals (ECPs) RECRUIT, ESTABLISH and then MANAGE them to help their retention in lenses.

Recent research highlights that many consumers trial CLs but never become a wearer; for every 10 who trial, only 3 become committed CL wearers. Those highly motivated are more likely to succeed and an opportunity to trial CLs is a key factor in subsequent purchase.

Providing good clear instruction on handling is critical, along with regular contact after the trial to help motivate continuing wear. Poor experiences in new wearer teach appointments or difficulties handling their lenses in the first few days has a big impact on their likelihood to continue. Results from trials with text messaging, phone calls and other techniques to keep in touch with customers will be used to show how it can help establish these consumers to become committed lens wearers.

While ECPs are aware of the need for regular aftercare appointments, there are mixed views from wearer on their value, so ways to enhance this experience will be explored to ensure they maintain satisfied with their lens wear, understand options for new technologies and are proactively offered trials with alternative lenses.