Poster presentations in cooperation with the BCLA

Sunday 15 March 13:30 - 14:30

After the great success at the NCC 2016 & 2018, the NCC continues its scientific collaboration with the BCLA. Dr. Carolina Kunnen from the NCC organization together with Professor James Wolffsohn of Aston University and the BCLA’s academic team hosted the NCC/BCLA abstract submissions program. The scientific track, parallel to the general education tracks at NCC ‘Beyond 2020’, is designed to maintain the high reputation developed by the BCLA for showcasing world class clinically relevant research, nurturing new researchers and young academics to present at this level. All abstracts presented during the NCC ‘Beyond 2020’ meeting will continue to be published in Contact Lens and Anterior Eye (CLAE).

PDF with abstracts

During this session, moderated by Kathrin Stork & Jill Woods, the following posters will be presented:

Comparison of Two Lens Materials and their Effects on Corneal Hypoxia in Scleral Lens Wear Over Time – A Pilot Study
Presented by Langid Michaud
Factors associated with central corneal thickness changes after crosslinking combined with photorefractive keratectomy
Presented by Lacey Haines
Non-invasive tear break-up time on six types of daily disposable contact lenses after 10 hours of wear.
Presented by Tomy Lo
Time recording of different working steps during the fitting process in high-volume contact lens practices in Germany
Presented by Kathrin Stork
Clinical lens fit characteristics of a new silicone hydrogel daily disposable and two commercially available daily disposable contact lenses
Presented by Lakshman Subbaraman
Reaction of spectacle wearers to senofilcon A with photochromic additive
Presented by John Buch
Assessing the Clinical Performance of a New Daily Disposable Silicone Hydrogel Contact Lens
Presented by Lakshman Subbaraman
Effects of different hydrogel materials on tear osmolarity of contact lens wearers
Presented by Francesca Treso
Satisfaction of habitual wearers of reusable multifocal lenses when refitted with a daily disposable, silicone hydrogel multifocal lens
Presented by Jill Woods
New and habitual wearer experience with a silicone hydrogel reusable multifocal contact lens in France
Presented by Marcella McParland
Presented by Alessandro Duse
Global survey on parent awareness and attitudes to myopia and its management
Presented by Elizabeth Lumb
Novel soft contact lenses for eye fatigue relief
Presented by Ruby Chiang
Use of Multifocal Contact Lenses to Manage Accommodative Insufficiency

Presented by Gaganjote Uppal
Global survey on eye care practitioner perceptions and attitudes regarding myopia and its management
Presented by Anna Sulley
Comparative Analysis of Treatment Zone Diameter, Location and Amount of Maximum Defocus and Pupil Size with Orthokeratology
Presented by Luigina Sorbara