Paper presentations: Patient Experience & Complications

Monday 16 March 09:30 - 10:45

After the great success at the NCC 2016 & 2018, the NCC continues its scientific collaboration with the BCLA. Dr. Carolina Kunnen from the NCC organization together with Professor James Wolffsohn of Aston University and the BCLA’s academic team hosted the NCC/BCLA abstract submissions program. The scientific track, parallel to the general education tracks at NCC ‘Beyond 2020’, is designed to maintain the high reputation developed by the BCLA for showcasing world class clinically relevant research, nurturing new researchers and young academics to present at this level. All abstracts presented during the NCC ‘Beyond 2020’ meeting will continue to be published in Contact Lens and Anterior Eye (CLAE).

PDF with abstracts

During this session, moderated by Marcella McParland, the following papers will be presented:

Does the use of a novel povidone-iodine based RGP solution affect contamination rates of orthokeratology lenses and cases?
Presented by Pauline Cho
Evaluating the prophylactic action of lipid and non-lipid containing tear supplements in a simulated adverse environment: a randomised crossover trial
Presented by Jennifer Craig
Solution related in vitro dewetting behavior of different SCL materials
Presented by Sebastian Marx
Evaluation of Contact Lens Care Products using ISO Antimicrobial Efficacy Standards
Presented by Paul Shannon
Presented by Marianne Lindenberg
Factors affecting microbial contamination on the back surface of worn soft contact lenses
Presented by Fiona Stappleton
Difference in choroidal thickness of Danish children, after treatment with Ortho-k measured using Swept-source OCT

Presented by Brit Sorensen
Contact Lens Trial Conversion in a UK survey – The dynamics between those who try and those who buy
Presented by Marcella McParland
Association Between Initial Subjective Ratings and Overall Lens Acceptance in Daily Disposable Contact Lens Wear
Presented by José Vegan
Comparison of the clinical performance of a novel silicone hydrogel and a HEMA-based daily disposable contact lens
Presented by Lakshman Subbaraman