NCC Doing Research | Results 2016

Monday 12 March 13:30 - 14:30

NCC DOING RESEARCH was introduced at the NCC conference in 2016. The research study was conducted at the conference using the conference members as research subjects. The aim of this project was to introduce and involve contact lens specialists and optometrists into conducting research. The purpose of the 2016 study was to obtain information on grading of papillae of the eyelids. The NCC conference was an excellent venue to conduct research on a large and diverse population.

The 2016 NCC DOING RESEARCH study had 3 objectives:

  • A survey conducted in the general session, in which the conference participants were asked how they evaluated the palpebral conjunctiva during a contact lens check-up.
  • A research study in which 50 volunteers everted the upper and lower eyelids of the NCC participants to grade and image the redness and roughness of the eyelid.
  • A research study in which the images of the eyelids were assessed to obtain information on intra-and inter observer variability.

In this presentation, we will give insight on how to setup a research project and discuss the results of the NCC DOING RESEARCH 2016 study. We will answer the question on how important eyelid eversion is in a routine contact lens check-up and if the upper and lower eyelids have similar papillary reaction.