It’s a Material World

Sunday 15 March 16:30 - 17:30

Whilst Madonna pointed out “we are living in a material world” back in the 1980’s the diversity of contact lens materials available at that time was very limited. Rock and roll on 3 decades and practitioners have to balance a choice of bulk oxygen permeability, lens durability, deposit resistance, surface wettability/lubricity and care solution interaction. The expert lecturers will help you to navigate through the asteroid molecular field to better understand how we can make appropriate choices for our patients.

By the end of the session attendees will
1. comprehend how lens materials influence both bulk properties (such as oxygen permeability and lens durability) and lens surface characteristics (such as deposit resistance, surface wettability/lubricity and care solution interaction)
2. understand how surface modulus and lubricity (1/CoF) are material properties that influence both lens comfort and corneal epithelial cell integrity
3. have explored how bulk and surface properties can be independently controlled and co-optimized by manufacturers to achieve good handling, high oxygen transmissibility, exceptional comfort and precise vision