How Safe is Orthokeratology?

Sunday 15 March 11:15 - 12:15

How safe is orthokeratology? Insights from a clinical, research and manufacture perspective.

Orthokeratology (Ortho-k) is introduced in the Netherlands in 2002. The market grew rapidly till approximately 80.000 happy Ortho-k wearers nowadays. For many years, the typical Ortho-k wearer in The Netherlands was the adolescent and young adult. We know see a shift towards fitting children, due to the numerous publications of positive results in Myopia management with Ortho-k. Triggered by Ophthalmology, the safety question of Ortho-k in general, but more importantly in children is currently a big topic. Based on current literature, this lecture will try to answer the big question: How safe is Ortho-k?
Secondly, experience from domestic and foreign markets to enhance safety in Ortho-k will be shared. Tips and tricks to implement in your Ortho-k practice tomorrow!

Learning objectives:
1. Incidence rate of adverse events in Ortho-k
2. Risk factors in Ortho-k
3. Tips and tricks to enhance safety in Ortho-k in clinical practice