How Green is our World?

Sunday 15 March 15:00 - 16:00

In response to growing concerns about climate change, consumer awareness and behaviour is changing. Practitioners may expect to be asked questions from patients about how ‘green’ are contact lenses. During this session figures relating to the amount of waste that contact lens wear generates are reported in addition to discussing opportunities and methods for responsible disposal.

With students around the world joining global climate strikes, a recent project driven by environmentally conscious students from Bolton School and Haslingden High School (UK) is presented and details their investigation of how long contact lens materials may last in the environment. Further information on the efforts manufacturers currently undertake to minimise the environmental impact of contact lenses is described. Finally, consideration is given to how practitioners can promote and communicate a positive message around environmental sustainability to wearers.

Learning objectives:
1) To understand the material waste that contact lens use generates and responsible disposal.
2) To understand the potential environmental impact around the product life cycle of contact lenses.
3) To understand how to discuss the environmental sustainability of contact lenses with wearers.