Daily disposables; the last days of the contact lens fitter?

Sunday 11 March 16:30 - 17:30

The Netherlands has been a reluctant advocate of daily disposable contact lenses, with 4% of fits in 2017 being daily disposable hydrogel lenses and 6% silicone hydrogel (Morgan, 2018). The difference is remarkable when compared with countries such as Denmark (36% and 28% respectively), Norway (29% and 35%), the UK (30% and 28%), Australia (15% and 38%) and Japan (30% and 18%). So why does this difference exist, and is there reason to follow the example of these other countries?

In an interactive discussion with the audience, this session will examine daily disposable contact lenses from several points of view. What is best for the patient and what for the practice? What are the clinical arguments both for and against, and how does the daily disposable business stack up for a practice? Come along and add your voice to make a contribution that could influence the future development of daily disposables in Benelux.

MORGAN, P. 2018. International contact lens prescribing in 2017. Contact Lens Spectrum, 33, 28-33.