Contact lens selection on trial: part 2 *

Monday 12 March 15:00 - 16:00

Part 1: Neophytes
Part 2: Existing wearers

Presenters: Lyndon Jones, Jill Woods and Karen Walsh (CORE, University of Waterloo)

The wide choice of frequent replacement soft contact lenses (CL) means the practitioner has to make multiple decisions during both initial patient assessment and routine CL aftercare in order to recommend the most appropriate material, technology and replacement schedule for each patient. But how are those initial CL recommendations reached, and how are problems addressed at aftercare? Ultimately, are we basing our decisions on good evidence?

The time has come to put the CL routine under the microscope. Delegates attending this interactive session will become the jury in our courtroom. The accused in our trial? The CL routine itself. Key steps in the routine will be examined, with evidence presented to the jury for their inclusion or otherwise in an evidence-based decision making process. To aid the jury’s decision, the session will include video examples of relevant clinical assessments. Part 1 will assess evidence for initial lens selection for neophytes. Part 2 will cover evidence-based actions during aftercare.

By the end of the trial, an updated CL routine, based on best available current evidence will emerge. Everyone in the room will have voted and contributed along the way. The final action of the session will be for group discussion and personal planning. Based on the capabilities of their own practice, each delegate will create their own personal routine to help enhance both their decision-making process and patient satisfaction with CLs.

DOWNLOAD here a free copy of the CLDEQ-8 Questionnaire in Dutch