Contact Lens Discomfort

Sunday 15 March 09:30 - 10:45

Contact lens wear is a well-known risk factor for dry eye, increasing the odds of an individual being affected by 2-3 times. Although most wearers are successful, a significant minority suffer symptoms of dryness and discomfort that are subjectively, very similar to those experienced in dry eye. This overlapping clinical picture raises the question of whether these two situations represent related and overlapping conditions with similar aetiologies, or are they distinctly different entities? The presentations in this session will explore this matter by examining the evidence on both sides. From this basis, guidelines for the differential diagnosis of dry eye and contact lens related discomfort will be put forward, together with recommendations for suitable treatments.

Learning points:

  • Understand the causes of contact lens related discomfort (CLD) and how these differ from dry eye disease (DED)
  • Understand the risk factors for CLD
  • Learn how to diffentially diagnose CLD and DED
  • Learn to manage cases of CLD