Boobytraps in Myopia Management

Sunday 15 March 11:15 - 12:15

This session is not only about incidence & prevalence, but will focus on the pitfalls in myopia management. Topics will be discussed like:

  • Treatment outcome can be missleading
  • “Past Performance is no Guarantee of Future Results”
  • Myopia Stabilizes,… sometimes… but Exact Age Varies… and High Myopia may not
  • Atropine Slows Myopia Progression, but the Concentration of Choice is Unclear
  • Rebound is a Very Real Possibility for All Treatments
  • There is no Evidence that Handheld Digital Devices are Myopigenic
  • Age is the Most Important Determinant of Rate of Myopia Progression
  • How to handle myopia progression when performing Myopia management
  • When are we talking about progression….-0.25,-0.50 dpt?
  • What about the combination of different types of management. Will this be the golden standard in the future?